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We aim to provide you with a full range of medical care so that you can enjoy your time in Bali, knowing that your health is in good hands.
Finance Policy

The Financial Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Service and describes the payment for HealthBali services and other financial issues.

How much do HealthBali services cost?

Selecting a clinic and doctor, contacting a medical center via HealthBali are free of charge for HealthBali clients.

Still, the users have to pay a deposit for confirmation of the appointment via the Platform, on the amount of which the treatment price will be decreased.

All medical service that were not included to the referral letter area paid separately, according to the bills from medical facility

Where do we get prices for the Platform, and how often do we update them?

It is essential to understand that any prices listed on the Platform or in the clinic’s treatment program are provisional and are provided by the partner clinics.

A medical center may change the scope and cost of procedures depending on the examination results or the reaction of an organism to a treatment. In addition, the clinic may not notify us of price changes, and the prices will be out of date.

Can the final price be different from the preliminary one?

Yes, both upward and downward. The main factor is the volume of procedures, which can vary depending on the diagnosis results or the reaction of an organism to the procedures.

How are treatment fees paid?

The price of the medical services will be decreased on the amount of the confirmation deposit a patient made.

If the cost of medical services exceeds the deposit paid, the patient will pay the surcharge according to the invoice. HealthBali clients can pay in cash, by card via a terminal, or bank transfer. You can ask our coordinator about payment options at a particular medical facility.

Do you provide discounts?

We can negotiate discounts with partners. The information about the discounts is available on our internet site. Our managers can provide it as well.